"Mat Ricardo has done more to revive the art of variety than anyone else" - The Magic Circle Magazine

A key figure in the cabaret and variety revival, Mat has performed by Royal command on more than one occasion, headlined and hosted shows across the UK, and regularly appears further afield, including residencies in the legendary European Variete theatres, appearances in gala shows on stage and television the world over, and regular invitations to perform in such iconic venues as the Royal Albert Hall, The Savoy Hotel, and Hollywood's Magic Castle.

"A sublime juggler, a true gentleman, and a variety artiste who undoubtedly embodies cabaret" - Culture Burn

He has entertained corporate clients too numerous to mention, consulted on major Hollywood movies, guest-starred on high-profile television shows, but is never happier than when he's in front of a live audience, with a glint in his eye and a trick up his sleeve.

"Mat Ricardo is the Derren Brown of juggling" - LoveFringe

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“The word ‘legend’ is bandied about a bit too much these days, But if there’s one man who deserves that status, it’s Mat Ricardo. Adored by audiences, worshipped by performers, and with a trophy cabinet to rival Manchester United in the 90s, Mat is a genuine treat who never fails to astound.

He has the power to make a roomful of people fall in love with an artform that they may have never considered seeking out before. But he is so much more. The range of daredevil stunts and displays of muscle memory and dextrousness simply must be beheld to be believed.

Ricardo is second to none.”

Broadway Baby