writing and speaking


Mat is a TEDx speaker, a TOMAX Talks presenter, and a widely read columnist and blogger.

He has written regular column for Chortle, Britain's leading website about comedy, alongside pieces for Time Out, The Huffington Post, BoingBoing, The Magic Circular, Mental Ideas magazine and others, as well as maintaining a successful personal blog. (The pre-2017 archive of which, can still be found here)

He is also an experienced on-stage interviewer, having conducted live interviews with some of the biggest stars of comedy and entertainment for the BBC, The National Theatre, at the Edinburgh festival, and on several West End stages.

He has written about subjects as diverse as depression and creativity, gender, internet trolls, Originality, the power of failure, the late Paul Daniels, and greasy spoon cafes.

He is an ambassador for the mental health focused media company Brainstorm.

You can watch his TEDx talk below.